About Me

Aspiring to help lead change in society as a Professional Engineer

  • 4th year University of Windsor Mechanical Engineering student.
  • Continuously improving my experience in project management and leadership.
  • Emphasis in Materials Engineering to further learn about the strength of materials and the properties of metals, polymers, and ceramics.
  • Seeking to apply knowledge of project design, research and development, and team management to projects that improve “quality of life”.
  • Fueled by passion to learn and use engineering tools to solve problems.

Team Leadership: 

  • Planned, organized, managed, and led multiple teams to achieve success for academic and work projects.
  • Created success by bringing groups of people together into teams focused on a common goal.

Interpersonal skills:

  • Effectively used written and verbal communications to present information and pitch ideas.
  • Promoted healthy team dynamics and ensured all perspectives were considered.

Problem solving:

  • Identified and analyzed root problems and conducted research for possible solutions.
  • Developed and applied creative solutions for ambiguous and ill-defined projects.


  • From blueprint to reality, designed engineering related and educational resource projects that met desired goals.
  • Created use-cases and prototypes to aid in the evaluation and communication of designs options.

Proficiency with software:

  • MS Office (Word, PowerPoint, Excel – formulas & VBA, Teams…etc.), Computational software (MATLAB, COMSOL), CAD software (CATIA), WordPress


  • WHMIS 2015, University of Windsor, Summer 2021
  • Impact Award, University of Windsor, Summer 2020
  • First Aid, Canadian Red Cross, Spring 2019
  • Principal’s Award for Student Leadership, Erindale Secondary School, June 2018

I am looking forward to beginning my career after completing my engineering degree in August 2022. I am always interested in solving a challenge; you can reach me at winchest@uwindsor.ca to connect!