Engineering Co-Op Experience

Office of Open Learning, University of Windsor

Scope: During Covid, this remote role applied engineering techniques, principles and key processes over the 3 impacted work terms to create order out of the chaos created by system and process challenges generated by the unplanned transition to online learning. This work experience surpassed the engineering content requirements for the Co-Op program.

Senior System and Process Assistant (Work Term 3)

Sept – Dec 2021

System and Process Assistant (Work Term 2)

 Jan – Apr 2021

System and Process Assistant (Work Term 1)

May – Aug 2020

  • Provided IT and Tech Support to faculty and students:
    1. analyzed and resolved system and process issues,
    2. created and deployed new/modified software applications,
    3. provided system and process training.
  • Resolved multiple system and process issues on time:
    1. In design phases, applied process and system design principles, including rigorous problem analysis, researched alternatives, and selected cost-effective solutions,
    2. in implementation phases, deployed effective project management skills.
  • Used Rapid Prototyping techniques and software modeling to test solutions on a CQI basis.   
  • Managed projects with an emphasis on a rigorous engineering approach to resolve extensive inherent ambiguity and uncertainty (making order out of chaos).
  • Provided guidance and leadership for teams of up to 12 co-op students on a project-by-project basis.

Additional Experience

Undergraduate Research Assistant, University of Windsor

July-Aug 2022

  • Assisted research activity by supporting laboratory experiments and analysis.
  • Prepared laboratory material samples for scanning electron microscopy (SEM).

Technical Soccer Coach, North Mississauga Soccer Club

May – Aug 2019

  • Leadership: Applied effective communications, leading to the improvement of child/youth soccer skills.
  • Communication: Mediated conflicts and facilitated dispute resolutions among players and/or parents.
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