Work Experience

Work Term 3: Fall 2021 (remote work)

Senior Online Learning Assistant, Office of Open Learning, University of Windsor

  • Designed, organized and executed numerous department grant projects
  • Represented the University of Windsor in projects undertaken by a consortium of Ontario universities and colleges.
  • Participated in the design and development of the Ontario Extend Liberated Learner Project with the consortium.

Transferable skills:

  • Project management
  • Communication
  • Design
  • Decision making
  • Organization


  • Significant role in removing ambiguity and uncertainty from the design of the Ontario Extend Liberated Learner Project.
  • Created graphics, use-cases, and websites to successfully purpose multiple project ideas to the consortium, many of which were actioned.

Work Term 2: Winter 2021 (remote work)

Online Learning Assistant, Office of Open Learning, University of Windsor

  • Team leader for a group of 8 co-op students writing e-books on student’s online schooling perspective
  • Developed and presented online learning project concepts to a University and College consortium.  
  • Developed and presented new teaching approaches to University of Windsor faculty members.

Transferable skills:

  • Public speaking
  • Critical thinking
  • Team leadership and facilitation
  • Project management


  • Gave a presentation to 60 faculty members about new teaching approaches.
  • Co-authored a successful project grant proposal.

Work Term 1: Summer 2020 (remote work)

Online Learning Assistant, Office of Open Learning, University of Windsor

  • Team leader for a group of 12 co-op student coworkers engaged in media developments for students transitioning to remote (online) classes.
  • Assisted engineering professors with the optimization of the transition from in-person to online delivery.
  • Managed projects intended to prepare university students for remote learning.

Transferable skills:

  • Team leadership and facilitation
  • Communication (both interpersonal and professional)
  • Project management (from concept to execution)


  • Designed and built the Introduction to Learning Online Workshop that helped 600+ students prepare for remote learning.
  • Awarded the University of Windsor’s “Impact Award” for contributions in helping students and faculty members transition to remote education.

Summer 2019

Technical Soccer Coach, North Mississauga Soccer Club

Paid position in support of Club’s soccer development goals.

  • Instructed youth soccer players (aged 3 to 12) in soccer fundamentals.
  • Mediated conflicts and facilitated dispute resolution between and among players and/or parents, both on and off the soccer pitch.
  • Coached a youth soccer team and refereed a youth soccer league.

Transferable skills:

  • Public speaking
  • Conflict resolution
  • Leadership


  • Created a fun environment to play and learn new soccer skills.
  • Quality of the youth soccer player’s skills improved.
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